In Sense I Trust
Mr. Interviewer: Hey, how are you? Please introduce yourself.
Me: Hi, I’m Alexei Vasyutin, a self-educated person who loves everything that relates to design. 

Mr. Interviewer: What are you passionate about?
Me: I'm passionate about making things alive (In the digital world. But who knows what comes next). I always seek to try modern ways to achieve appealing results. Challenges have an essential role in my work because they give me the ability to solve problems, and extra experience (and relief on finish). The whole process is that thing that motivates me to keep helping users and businesses.

Mr. Interviewer: Could you express two or three values of your everyday life? 
Me: All right I'll try.  The crucial values that resonate with my philosophy are honesty because this is the thing that pushes me to work on bugs. The unity helps participants to be up-to-date to achieve the goal. And hunger for knowledge leads forward everyone who cares. 

Mr. Interviewer: What do you want people to recognize you for? 
Me: Omm... I guess... I'd like to be recognized as a responsible motion designer who takes into account customer and business needs.

Mr. Interviewer: What would you ask anyone who tries to collaborate with you?
Me: Let's get acquainted! What's your name? 
Thank you! Looking forward to knowing you better!
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