you see,  I told you, I'm not a 3D  artist

I prefer a Design.  Most of what this concept includes. Only the word the Design unconsciously relaxes my eyelids and for a few seconds knocks out life ... Ah, well, I always appreciate the degree of usefulness while working with digital types of design, interactive design, some household elements. Well, the external component should not lag too.
⌗ This concept combines the cheapness of production and a robust construction 
⌗ It's possible to produce it yourself according to the drawings or just order at a nearby firm 
⌗ Use your favorite mattress instead of default that the store offers to you. 
⌗ There is no anchorage. Elements supports each other. 

Not everyone can afford a two-room apartment like Elon Musk. In my case it was a rented one-room 30 sq ft, with a dying IKEA free then.
I  got a concept of a bed transform that could solve the problem of small apartments. I lived in the one room apartment that I used as a living room, workplace and bedroom. 
I believe it is the easiest and cheapest way to make your environment much convenient.
I haven’t built a physical one yet since 2018.
But I still like it 

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