The idea came from monthly struggle to figure out what to introduce to a friend or relative on their birthday.
The personal project that represents the way of making gifts which consists of pieces and a manual but without a specificity of how it's going to look like in the end. 

It's like a digging out the feeling of an artistry from the childhood when the limit is imagination only. Crafting a subject without being suppressed of thinking of its evaluation.  

Spending time joyfully is ideally.
MacraMum Pack​​​​​​​
Let's picture a baby swings. It might be an attraction that someone would like to do to their child, but it has become a problem gathering all you want in different stores. 
Or there's an option to buy any swing online, but for me it lacks personality. 

It could be a solution having all the basic to one box as materials and a kind of manual, but with a room for an art. First of all, I try to do something fairly simple on my own to put myself in somebody's shoes and get what should be in a manual.
A simple way for me to have a swings is to buy parts of the actual swings but the personal investment will be a DIY macrame thing like a seat, sides, stripes, etc.

Then I made some sketches, ask my wife if it's clear and we have a drawings afterwards. I try to make it as simple as possible but keep the core idea. There's no incorrect result anyway, The point is to just enjoy yourself and you will be rewarded.
As a result we have a box with a several wooden swings pieces, macrame rope, manual and I put an example of one macrame stripe that I made as an example.
Well,  long story short it's ready to be sent.
A different pack I made  was related to pins that I gifted to my niece. 
The pack set consists of  
✺  Clay to make pins 
✺  Pens to draw on the baked clay 
✺  Pins to connect to a crafted pin 
✺  Glue

And it means such elements have to be marked somehow to keep the consistency. Thus stickers were made which were put over a specific element that reflects in a manual.
 To make it more representative it thought a good idea is making a preview of a potential object that you can make. It's just something that helps to start quickly. 
Here comes 3D
I'm not a 3D artist but making something like this is doable. 
We got our reward too
My niece shared one of  her artwork with me an my wife. 
Ginger Pack
Some ideas need more complex instructions and making a video of cooking became an option. 
This physical manual consists only of 3 cards with core information of ingredients and cooking. But the adding video has more detailed steps for some case. 

Main  point of this pack is not a cooking but decorating.
And once you are done with baking it's time to play around with decorations. And the reward comes quite fast and your masterpiece is ready to be eaten.
The Ginger Pack consists of flour, spices, honey, other ingredients and different pastry stuff  to draw something that will spoils appetite. 
Further more 
Every upcoming birthday become a playground. Don't want to bother you with a descriptions and disclaimers but just let you watch a bunch of nonsense graphics that were used for another Started Packs. 

Ah, btw, the logo below represents two hands created two letter "СП", "Старид Пак" in Cyrillic that is the same as "Started Pack", transliteration you know. And the hands symbolised that it's crafted and for crafting.  
Okay, I'm leaving you here. 

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